Finally Happy

Today has been a wonderful, marvelous, fantastic day. It has been X weeks since my husband left on deployment, we are 20% of the way through it, and I am FINALLY making MYSELF happy. I have relied on him for my happiness since the day we met. And it has not been fair to him.

But here I am! Today has been an amazing day! And I did it for myself! And that is worth a late night blog. No matter how short it is. I worked out (twice!) and ate healthy, all three meals, and am about to get 7 hours of sleep ON TOP of an afternoon nap. And all of my homework is done (my mother would be proud)


This is the motivational poster I made today to hang in the kitchen to KEEP me this happy :)

Tyler, I love you and miss you, but just know that I am figuring myself out and how to do things for myself. I love you more than life! Be safe wherever you are!


3 responses to “Finally Happy

  1. You know something. You have gained insight into one of the most misunderstood truths of life. Which is that true happiness is within us and can emanate from there.


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