By God, it IS half full!

The past 48 hours of my life feel like an eternity.

Seriously? He just left yesterday? But I’ve always heard the first and last months are the worst. And that would make sense.

Tyler reenlisting this past Friday :)

Tyler reenlisting this past Friday :) isn’t he handsome!

So now that they are officially (at least) one time zone away, it is time to look to the future and make plans. I’ve already made some purchases (which will not be specifically mentioned because Tyler does read my blog posts) to mail to him for his birthday. So that is exciting event number one: sending out the first package. Exciting event number two: making a present for my sister’s baby shower. And the list goes on. I have so much to look forward to, things to keep me busy and make the time pass quickly. But I took the last day and half to throw my pity party, cry and moan and groan about how this is so unfair, spouses aren’t meant to be separated like this, blah blah so on and so forth. And that is healthy! We need to grieve and deal with our emotions.

But now its time to get down to business. And I am ready.





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