No Words


There are no words.

There are no words to describe the pain of having to say goodbye. No words to explain the feeling in your gut as you watch that ship sail away.

There are no words to keep your head afloat when all you see is the here digit number marking the days until their return.

My husband left on his first deployment this morning., our first deployment. Although I am left behind…that’s exactly the problem. I am left behind. The house is empty, the bed is cold, there is no light in this house without him here. I know time will heal and we will adjust. But for today, my world has ended.

Up until today I have had no issues focusing on the positives, focusing on school, Christmas with my family, time to better myself, get healthy and fit. But in this moment, none of that matters. My heart aches for one more hug, one more kiss.

There are no words. None.



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