Disappearing Act

WOW! How time flies. I started summer classes, woke up and a month had passed by! Here I sit, 7 days til my husbands departure on a 9 month deployment with the US Navy, weekend before summer class finals and 2 weeks before my 17 credit hour fall semester begins. Dear Lord, help me.

The weird thing, though, is that I am perfectly content at this moment. I am with my husband, enjoying a beer, listening to music, playing on our laptops and laughing at how funny life is at 12:30 am. That is extremely late for my husband, so bravo to him! What a big boy ;) Staying up so late!

Today was quite the reality check. We went to the NEX to purchase a laptop, personal supplies and other goods for deployment. Too soon. It is unreal.


I guess I have just put off thinking about it for so long because I don’t want it to put a damper on the time we have before he leaves.

Anyways, just wanted to come back to the WordPress world! Although I won’t be doing any daily blog challenges, this blogging will be a regular part of my life…especially while Tyler is on deployment! After all, he has subscribed with his work email so he gets all of my posts :) what a good man.

As of right now, my priority is spending time with him (and passing my finals). So until next time, good night and God bless!


One response to “Disappearing Act

  1. I was thinking of you the past few days – missed seeing you here. :D
    Thank your husband for serving our country and prayers going out for his safety and your time without him there. Thank God for technology! Be blessed. cate b

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