Christian Cursing

Most of the time, I do not have an issue with cursing. An occasional F word, S word, B word, whatever! I can deal with it. Guess if comes from the generation I have grown up in and area I am currently living in. Should those words, as a Christian, bother me? I mean, very rarely do they come out of my own mouth, but how sinful are they?


Open Bible has some Bible versus directly related to cursing and profanity. And if you can’t get it from the Bible…then you probably don’t need to know it! At least that is what I try to tell my statistics professor…

In my personal opinion (without considering religion) profanity is okay in moderation and within a certain context.

I know. Slap my wrist.


But the occasional “Damn!” or “Shit!” isn’t quite so terrible. Understandably when you scream these things at other people it can be taken as offensive. Honestly, though, people who curse simply need a thesaurus because their vocabulary is entirely too small. Otherwise they wouldn’t be using the same words over and over, right?!

In an ideal world, everything we do would glorify God. However, because we pay taxes, we obviously DO NOT live in an ideal world. Therefore we can simply attempt to achieve perfection. In my opinion, then, everything we do, including cursing, should glorify God. Every act, sinful or not, should be in attempt to glorify God.


So if my act is simply to say crap instead of sh*t, then PRAISE JESUS because I have made the cognitive act of choosing a word that would better please Him.

Seriously, though, I want to be more aware of my language and what I say. And what I mean when I say it! No “freakin'” to replace the….ya know…f word.


2 responses to “Christian Cursing

  1. I can’t really imagine Jesus saying, S, B or F words … However, I can imagine Peter saying those things … And he was the greatest among the disciples!
    Depending on where in certain contexts and audiences seems the only way to make you understand…

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