You know what my issue right now is? My issue is not knowing what to do with all of the rage that lives inside of me. Not the constant rage, but the passionate rage I feel when I see a disturbing Facebook post, especially the videos.I just watched this video of these police officers that killed a man’s dog because he barked at the police officers when they arrested the man for video taping a protest. Seriously? I cannot even tell you how many emotions I have while watching this video. The dog is simply doing what it can to protect it’s owner. Never touched anyone. Never bit anyone. Simply barked. The police shot. I don’t know if it died or not, but it sure did lie on the ground wriggling a lot before the video finally cut off.


This is my favorite rottie, Chewie, and his baby.

Chewie, my favorite Rottweiler in the world, and his baby. Quite the killer, huh?

Same like with a PETA video I saw. Now let me set the story straight. I believe in eating meat. I believe that animals are animals, not humans. But I still believe that animals are living creatures that are to be treated with the respect and humanity that God intended. I saw this PETA video posted a few months about the Chinese fur trade…don’t even get me started. I have never been so mortified in my entire life. How people could treat living things (especially cute, fuzzy living things) in that way…I don’t even know.


I have seriously bawled (cried hysterically over) these two recent videos, and I just don’t understand where people get the idea that they can treat living things in this way.

This beautiful and rare white fox will most likely be harvest for its fur.

This beautiful and rare white fox will most likely be harvest for its fur.

But what about abusing people, Elizabeth?

That is a phenomenal questions! Thank you for asking. People, in general, are horrible and sinful and deserve to be punished. I am not saying that people deserved to be murdered or abused etc etc. I am simply saying that animals are here for our benefit. So why in God’s name would we abuse them in such a way.

Yea, I have spanked my dog, smacked my cat on the nose. Sue me. They had done something wrong and I immediately disciplined them. But there is a huge difference between discipline and destruction. And if I ever saw anyone do anything so terrible as I have seen in these videos, I will straight up cut you. Yes. Gangster. Recognize.



One response to “Rage

  1. There’s far too many videos out there now that are heartbreaking and I think this is a huge issue in social media. I’m not saying we shouldn’t see these things, but realistically they’ve been going on for centuries without our direct knowledge. Having it thrown in your face every time you log in to FB or Twitter, or any social media, is heartwrenching. Even when we volunteer our time, hearts, and energies to protecting living creatures, there’s far too many that still live in pain. Too bad we can’t create an island for animal-abusers where they can all rot.

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