Lists, lists and more lists

I plan by making lists. What to do today, tomorrow. To do lists for the house, the yard. What to pack, what to buy, what to eat. And it is so funny because we make all of these plans right? But hardly any of them turn out the way we expect! One of the most entertaining things you can do for yourself is start keeping track of your lists. My husband and I just use a plain old notebook and take notes, make lists etc in that so we can go back and see what we have written down and see just how smoothly things went.


The worst habit I have when it comes to lists is making one (especially the grocery list) then not utilizing it at all.




3 responses to “Lists, lists and more lists

  1. IThe same as McCrazy above, I rarely make lists any longer. I became obcessed with crossing everything off the list before I could call the day officially over and I could relax or play or do anything else I might think of. I never allowed myself to move an item forward to the next day. Nope, I was hard-core all the way. Once written down, it had to be completed. If something needed to be done and I didn’t want to do it, that meant I really had to put it on ‘The List.’ That guaranteed whatever it was would be done or I would give myself mental hell. My time has come, freedom from lists. I gave them up for my own sanity.

  2. “Things to Do” lists that you check off are among my least favorite types of lists (unless they are Books to Read or Travel Destinations lists). My favorite lists are retrospective, not prospective: Books I’ve Read, Movies I’ve Seen, Music I’ve Heard, Places I’ve Been, Birds I’ve Seen, etc. Or I can narrow these lists down to only the “favorites” in each category. Each list is like a mini-autobiography. And you don’t have to ‘do’ anything but remember.

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