Where I Wanna Be

Depending on what I need to write, I can write just about anywhere. I do most of my writing on the couch. But this really isn’t the “optimum atmosphere”. My posture is poor, entirely too relaxed AND it is in front of the TV…which is never good. Because when I’m sitting here, I don’t really know how to turn it off.

Businesswoman Using Computer In A Green Field

The ideal place for me to write has 4 distinct characteristics:

1) A table and chair so I will sit up straight and the laptop is at an appropriate height.

2) Everything off (TV, cell phone etc) except maybe some light music or white noise in the background. Complete silence is annoying to me.

3) No distractions. Now this is tricky. My first reaction is no people. But then again, If I was at Starbucks or some other café with people around, I would be fine. Because these people would not be directly interfering with me, just going about their business. So basically, no one that I know can be around to distract me. (Sorry, Tyler. You have to go!)

4) Something to zone out on that might inspire me. A window maybe? I can’t be staring at a blank wall. Cause that is pretty uninspiring.

Bald man working at his desk on the beach



7 responses to “Where I Wanna Be

    • Right?! It can be pretty frustrating. And the one thing I have noticed is that if you ‘want’ to be distracted, you will be. No matter where you are.

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