Hot or Not

Today’s prompt made me think of the ever so popular “hot or not” lists that usually develop during the highly influential times of our lives when we let it go to our head and either turn us into snobby brats or insecure introverts.

hot or not


“People think I am…”

What I think people think of me says more about me than anything.

1. I believe that people think I’m funny. I enjoy making people laugh, and there’s nothing quite like a good joke to soothe an awkward moment.


2. I believe people think I’m decently attractive. I’m no Sports Illustrated model, but I have good teeth and dimples, so that always helps.


3. I believe people think I am nice. I try my hardest to conscious and considerate of others when making decisions.

4. I believe people think I’m an animal lover…and they would be correct. All species, breeds, shapes and sizes. Love ’em all!


What really matters is that I am improving myself all of time, and the people closest to me see that.



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