Today there will be no writing challenge or photo of the day. Today is a day of heartbreak and goodbyes.

After much deliberation, my husband and I have decided that we are not the proper home for our two big and beautiful dogs. Do not misunderstand me. We do not want to do this. Because of how often Tyler is gone and what my life is like when I’m in the middle of an 18 credit hour semester, there is no time to give them the love and attention they need. We also have a tiny house.


daddy saying goodbye last night

We deliberated over this for a while. And I am ensuring that they go to the perfect homes for them. Considering their breeds and the type of area we live in, an obvious concern is “Why exactly do you want this dog?”

I found a wonderful young woman, Alyssa, her husband and 3 young children to adopt Chewie, our big rottie. They have a home and a yard and the time to devote to loving him the way he deserves. And Chewie loves kids! In the 3 hours we spent at he dog park together yesterday, he had already formed a bond with their baby girl. He will be a wonderful family dog and is going to love those kids and protect them.

Leia :)

Leia :)

I also have found another nice lady, Nicole, and her husband, a young couple with no kids or animals who are looking for their first furbaby! We are going to meet them this evening and if everything works out well, Leia will be spending her first night with her new family.

Both of these families are caring and loving and want to love these dogs the way we just can’t love them right now. For now, we are sticking to our cats and snake. They don’t need like dogs need. One day, far in the future, when our life is stable and secure and someone is home (consistently) every day, we will rescue a dog and give it the perfect home. But for now, we are finding suitable homes for the lovable babies we have in our lives now.

last night with momma

last night with momma

One thing I have encountered in the past 24 hours is people criticizing me for not just keeping the dogs I said I would take care of. Do you not understand what I am going through right now?! One of the main issues I am dealing with is feeling like I have failed them, like I have broken a promise to them. But you have to realize that if I didn’t care as much as I do, I wouldn’t have a problem just tossing them in their crates or the backyard and letting them entertain each other, not worrying about exercising them or taking them to the park or giving them love and affection. The problem is, I do care! I love them enough to let them go to families who can do for them what we just cannot do.

So today is the day. There will be hugs. There will be tears. But these dogs are going to be so loved! And that is what really matters. Plus, I am now Facebook friends with both of these wonderful ladies and they have promised pictures and even suggested play dates for all three of us (Chewie, Leia and myself). What a blessing. I am going to miss them so much, and the house is going to be very quiet and empty without them.


5 responses to “Heartbroken.

  1. I’m sorry that you have to go through this, but it sounds like they will both be truly loved and cared for. What a blessing that you found such good homes for them, and that you can stay in contact with them.

    • These families definitely are a blessing. It has been just over 24 hours for both dogs and I have gotten pictures and updates! Both dogs are adjusting well :) They even decided to plan a BBQ tomorrow for the dogs to have a play date AND invited my husband and I so we could come see them! HOW AMAZING IS THAT! I feel very blessed.

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