Aw shucks!

I’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Award by fellow blogger, Ms. Janice Heck! Her blog is one of the first that I began following just over a month ago, and she began following me as well. She has nominated me for the Sunshine Award, an award given by bloggers to bloggers who “creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”

Being acknowledge by other bloggers as inspirational (or even relatable) is so rewarding! Thank you so much Janice! Check out her blog! DIGITAL CAMERA

When you receive the Sunshine Award, you are then given the responsibility of completing 4 simple tasks.

1. Post the logo above
2. Accept the nomination and link back to the blog that nominated you
3. Answer the ten questions in this post
4. Nominate 10 blogs and inform them of the nomination

And the winners of the Sunshine Award are….(drum roll)…

-The Journey Within ( – fellow navy wife who is not afraid to share her deep thoughts and secrets.

-McCrazy Daily Lessons ( – another navy wife who has high hopes for her writing. Reading her blogs is more like having a conversation.

-Texas to Meknes ( – this is my ‘baby’ cousin who is currently travelling (across the world it seems) and is documenting his adventures on this blog. So proud of all he is doing!

-Janice Heck ( – I realize that she nominated me and also has been nominated twice herself, but think about what that says about her! Check this lady out!

-Beyond Blessed ( – Chloe is a young woman of God who’s posts remind me to be thankful.

-BE GOOD ( – Emily is a model who enjoys talking about food and exercise and the challenges we ALL face and members of society.

-Hagiographic ( – hagiographic: writing about holy things

-steadily skipping stones ( – a blog about life, family, community and faith

-…and then there was Sarah ( – this young lady is a published author and posts all kinds of useful links for the aspiring writer.

-Make Lists, Not War ( – this guy is a kindred spirit. He just gets me!


1) favorite color: (Kawasaki) green…like my dirt bike!

2) favorite animal: as of late, hedgehogs. just so darn cute!

3) favorite number: 10. as in perfect 10. it was my volleyball number all 4 years in high school.

4) favorite (non alcoholic) drink: dr. pepper! takes me back to my Texas roots :)

5) favorite (alcoholic) drink: well when I was still drinking, it was definitely beer. the dark, delicious kind. but those days are long gone :)

6) facebook or twitter: facebook. I don’t tweet…

7) my passions: my faith, reading, writing, animals, food and my hubby!

8) giving or receiving gifts: not to be cliché, but giving. when I can make others happy, its like getting a gift anyways!

9) favorite city: I haven’t travelled a whole lot, but the one place that will always be my favorite (and home) is Dallas!

10) favorite TV program: I don’t really like television shows. I usually have them on in the background, but don’t really pay attention. i’d have to pick one from my childhood, and that would definitely be Rugrats. :) cause they were the bomb!


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