12 Reasons I Love Pooh

Winnie the Pooh, that is! Not only is he a classic fictional character, he is by far my favorite. Here are the reasons I love this little bear:

1) Pooh doesn’t stress out about the future.


2) Pooh is proud of who he is…


3)..but still knows what it would take to be better.


4) Pooh rarely has deep or analytical thoughts, but when he does, they are spot on.pooh quote 6

5) Pooh knows how valuable the people close to him are.


6) Pooh is not afraid of a challenge.


7) Pooh is a poet.

Pooh Quote2

8) Pooh doesn’t expect everyone else to do all of the work.


9) Pooh always puts a positive spin on seemingly negative things.


10) Pooh has better definitions than Webster.


11) Pooh listens to good advice when it is given.


12) Pooh knows how to tell people off without using profanity.


The basic elements of childhood should be fresh air, dirt and Pooh.



3 responses to “12 Reasons I Love Pooh

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