A Different Story

DAY 12


God has a plan, yet I have my own plans for my life. I’m sure I make Him laugh on a daily basis, coming up with all of these lists and goals like I really have a clue. I’d like to think that I am listening, but do I really hear what He has to say? Do I want to?


God told His people that He would deliver them to the promise land…but they doubted. Once they arrived, they were unsure that they would be able to live there, that would be prosperous. They doubted God’s promise to them.

Sometimes I feel like I’m not on the right path, like I’m in a different story than I should be. There are so many paths I can take, choices to make on a daily basis. What if I had never joined the Navy? Then I never would have met my husband. What if I had never quit drinking? I might have ruined my marriage or gotten a DUI or in a terrible accident.


Some of the decisions I have made in my life, I made without God’s “consent”. I didn’t consider what He would want for me. I did not pray about them. I didn’t listen for God’s guidance. It is crazy to think what He has in store for us! It is a little terrifying, though, thinking about closing your eyes, asking for advice and waiting for a response. What if you make something up in your own head? What if you take a “sign” for God’s response when it’s just coincidence. What is coincidence anyways, if not God helping us piece things together.

So many questions.

How wonderful would it be if we had the strength to just let go and trust God to take care of it all?!

TODAY I will listen for God telling me what to do.

The Message//Remix: Solo by Eugene H. Peterson

The Message//Remix: Solo by Eugene H. Peterson


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