How I Got Into It

I got into blogging exactly a month ago. I had thought about doing it before, but honestly I had the misconception that bloggers are just nerds who complain about stuff online all day.


So far, the blogging community I have found is wonderfully insightful and encouraging. I enjoy reading the blogs I follow every day.

I decided to get into blogging because I need an outlet. In the middle of the summer when I’m not in school, not working and my husband is out at sea, I need something to do! Something to look forward to. And this has given me exactly that.

I also enjoy these monthly challenges. They make me think and cause me to examine my life a little more. And seeing the different responses throughout a wide variety of people helps me to understand a little more just how special we all are.



One response to “How I Got Into It

  1. Ah, a June Challenge. I wondered about that. I do like the Blog Challenges because they keep me blogging. I didn’t have one lined for June because I wanted to catch up on some things. But maybe I’ll do a few posts from this list. Thanks for passing it along.

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