Day 31: Vivid Memory

I’m going to modify this some and talk about two vivid dreams.

The first dream takes place inside of my childhood home. It was a HUGE house, lots of room to run and hide and play. My family and I lived there until I was 7. In the dream, I hear noises while I’m laying in bed, so I get up and walk out to foyer (which is like 3 stories high) and what do I find?

A T-Rex! Like, from Jurassic Park. (the movie had just come out the first time this occurred) Pretty much exactly like this picture except in my house…and there wasn’t a banner falling from the ceiling…

jurassic park

Then those little green dinosaurs ran past my feet and down the stairs. Then I went into the kitchen and what do I find?!



YUP! Dinosaurs had straight up taken over my house. None of them ever hurt me, or even acknowledged I was there. First few times I had this dream it scared the living crap out of me. But now, its more nostalgic.

The second dream is really weird. I think it was the late 90s when I had it the first time. I am in a huge warehouse and the floor, ceiling and walls are made entirely of waterbeds. Yes…waterbeds. For some reason they are pink. And coming out of the middle of the floor is a pole with a giant ball at the top. And coming off of that ball is another poll (parallel to the ground) with another ball at the end of that one. “L” shaped. And it starts spinning. At first it is slow and as it comes towards me I have to jump over the bar, like it is some sort of game.

Country week tennis, 5 January 1937

As the bar starts spinning faster and faster, there is no way for me to avoid it but to jump faster and faster. For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to jump on a waterbed…it is really difficult (and not very safe). Finally it gets to the point where I am exhausted and it is just spinning too fast. There is nothing left for me to do. Right before the bar hits me I wake up.


I have had both of those dreams throughout my life. Not all of the time, but they are always the same.

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