That’s what she said!

No seriously, this is all because of one of my favorite bloggers and fellow navy wife Heather.

Since she had to get all brave and tell the world she is writing (a) novel(s), I feel like I have to do the same. And it is so weird, because I seriously saw her blog and my jaw dropped. I have “started a book” several times before, but just yesterday I actually sat down, started a new one and got some decent ideas. And then I read this?! How weird!?!?


I have heard having a writing buddy can help so, HEATHER MCCKAY you have just volunteered yourself :) Congratulations!


4 responses to “That’s what she said!

  1. Buahaha!!! SO funny!!! Aren’t you an English major?? (I may have made that up.) I have a feeling you’ll be pulling your own weight!!! ;-) We’ll have something to do while the guys are gone!! Maybe, we’ll get rich, and we will be able to buy them out of the Navy when they get back!!!! ;-)

    • Haha! Yes, I am an English major. :) We should definitely come together and make these dreams come true! Check your phone, btw, I’ve been texting you!!

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