My Holy Name

DAY 10


In the passage today, God is straight up laying down the law. And it is specific! Overall summary, before going to the holy offerings and eating from them, you must be spotless from head to toe otherwise you will be banished from my presence.

Check it out for yourself:

Boy with dirty hands.

After the passage, I am asked to admit something a little unnerving.

These versus do not draw me nearer to God. I am repelled from Him.

Trying to understand my reaction confuses only leaves me with more doubts and questions. My initial reaction is “What’s the big deal? So I’m not clean. That means I can’t eat the holy offerings, otherwise I’ll be cut off from your presence?” I mean, that’s a little harsh. It’s not like having some dirt on your hands is a sin, is it?

But I don’t think it is the dirt and filth that really bother God. It’s the fact that we are supposed to be coming to Him to honor him, and if we know we are unclean and could have done something to better prepare our bodies, and therefore our mines, to receive Him and honor Him then we are undeserving. I mean, we’re undeserving anyways.


I think it is more about our mental cleanliness than anything. Like, I wash my hands after I handle raw meat, right? Use antibacterial soap, get all over my hands and my forearms to make sure the bacteria and gunk (yes…gunk) are off of me. When I get done and dry my hands off on a towel, my hands are clean…in my mind. In all actuality, they aren’t really that clean. There are germs and bacteria everywhere and I can never really get rid of them. But because I have done what I need to do in order to make myself “clean”, that is all that really matters.

TODAY I will accept my emotions for what they are and realize they do not define who I am or what I truly believe.

The Message//Remix: Solo by Eugene H. Peterson

The Message//Remix: Solo by Eugene H. Peterson


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