“Normal” Women?!

I have to get something off my chest.

I just saw an announcement that H&M will be using a plus size model to show off some of their swim wear. That does not bother me. In fact, that is awesome! It is about time that we acknowledge the beauty in people who have curves. Equal love for all, right?

What DOES bother me is a comment that I saw saying “which means a normal sized woman”.

What the heck does that mean?! That I’m not normal because I’m not plus sized? That all of a sudden I am too thin? There is no such this as normal, quite frankly. There is average, which at this point has reached a size 14 for women: the beginning of the plus sized clothing.


Of the women in the picture, who do you think is normal? And why is she normal? Because most women look like her? Because she looks the healthiest? Because you look like her? Because you WISH you looked like her?

I am not saying there is anything wrong with plus sized women. Absolutely not. There is nothing wrong with extremely thin women. There is nothing wrong with me! But I worry about our society’s views on healthy standards when we start viewing plus sized women as the norm. It isn’t the size. It is the health. Do you understand that? I don’t want anyone griping to me saying “don’t discriminate against big girls!” I’m not. I am concerned for the health of our society both now and in the future.

During my lifetime, society has idolized thin waists, big breasts and firm booties.  Just turn on the TV, and there she is. And the fact that people stand up to the Mike Jeffires of the world and say “hey, its ok that my thighs touch” makes me proud! I commend H&M for broadening their horizon and standing behind plus sized women (especially when it comes to bathing suits…cause that just sucks no matter what.)


^This is me^. I wear 8s and 10s. I love to exercise and work out and take care of my body. I also love ice cream. There are many steps I could take to be healthier. Am I “normal”?


10 responses to ““Normal” Women?!

  1. Well said….. I am somewhat of a plus size – I can do either – depends on manufacturer…. it’s “normal” for me….. I wish “they” would stop deciding what normal is and go with healthy as you said…. I could go on and on. I just want to be ME and do the best I can to be healthy. :D

  2. Well said! And I commend you for your self-confidence and willingness to share your own swimsuit pictures. That is something too many of us women (and especially moms) are too afraid to do.

    • Thank you! Yea, it has taken a long time to get comfortable enough with myself to do that. I have just stopped caring what other people think, for the most part. I’m glad you guys liked it! I was afraid people would think I was being mean…

  3. Love. I think this ALL the time. I LOVE that big girls have confidence in themselves and are happy, but I get concerned that society is making it seem ok and beautiful without throwing in the “health concerns” part. Some men and women are larger, but can run CIRCLES around a smaller person who is out of shape. I think more emphasizes should be on HEALTH not size…

    • absolutely! also, I think people should be happy with who they are but should consistently aim for improvement, physically, spiritually, emotionally, all that good stuff. I realize some people cannot lose weight because of medical issues (thyroid and the like). But for people who just aren’t willing to give up the beer or pizza or ice cream…unhealthy lifestyles should not be celebrated.

  4. Great post. I liked the high level of self consciousness that you hold. That is one step away from self esteem…

    Where did you find your post serving you?


  5. instead of “normal” sized women, it should say “average” or “various” sized women. normal sort of means expected, correct, preferred, and things like that. to stress “normal” sort of means to ignore those who are different. but different is what they’re going for, all different sized women. not just the thin ones.

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