Day 29: Soundtrack of My Childhood

Since I haven’t purchased the Video Upgrade (yet) I can only post the links. Here are 5 songs that take me back to better times. See if you can guess from the clues before you click!

(I apologize ahead of time for the 30 second ads on YouTube…)

1) Back to the beginning! This was my SONG growing up. I had a cassette of this tape and would play it all freakin’ day. I’d swing on my swing set, sing the song all the way through, then jump off, rewind and start it all over again. Reminds me of simpler times… Here is a clue for the artist and title of the song.

cranberries dream

2) I don’t think I need to explain why this song is epic.

hammer time

3) I remember singing this song with my mom and sister. :) GIRL POWER! Here is a clue for the artist.

en vogue

4) I sang this in middle school for a show choir performance with a few of my friends. I remember my mom and sister being there. I got to sing the awesome little part in the middle as a solo and everyone cheered and clapped when I was done! Great memories! Here’s a clue for the title of the song.

cowboy take meaway


dixie baby-chicks

That’s a hard one.

5) This song reminds me of my first crush. Every time I heard it, I would think of him and dream of him being my boyfriend. Although he was my first kiss, we never actually dated. No regrets! Only good memories. Here’s a clue for the title of the song.

alwaysbeemy baby

How did you do? 5 out of 5? Let me know! Hope my clues helpful and you enjoyed my blast to the past.


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