De-Stress Session

Hypnosis session #1!

I am wearing a comfy t-shirt and leggings, my hair is down, but I will be laying on my back so it will not be in my face. I have the bedroom to myself, door shut, fan on low, a few candles burning and the animals locked out.

I’m excited, which probably isn’t a good thing because I am afraid I won’t be able to relax. But I am going to try!

The list of these hypnosis sessions are in no particular order, so I am just going down the list. The first one is titled “De-Stress Hypnosis Session” and is 21 minutes long. Here we go…


All done! Here is what I noticed and here is what I think I am going to change. This session was not entirely effective, and I think there are several things that play into that.

1) Even though my husband isn’t in the room, he is still a distraction. When he is home, I really just want to be with him.

2) It is the middle of the day and I have so many things to do, so I am less likely to want to “shut off” my mind. Perhaps I will try this session again at night when I am getting ready to go to sleep.

3) My allergies are in full effect. Having problems breathing out of my nose and I kept coughing. Also, no fan. It made it more difficult to breathe out of my nose.

4) Lay however is comfortable! I laid on my back which is not normally comfortable. Next time, I’ll lay on my side like I am going to sleep.

On the positive side, I am relaxed. I noticed throughout the session that my body felt really heavy. I kept sinking deeper and deeper into the mattress. I’m looking forward to trying this session again, now that I know what I need to do to make it more effective.


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