Day 27: My Dearest Readers…

My dearest readers,

You must be pretty bored right now, huh. Well, I hope I can offer a little entertainment. That is what I hope to do with every post. But there is something you have to understand.

This blog is not for you.


You heard me! I am glad that you are reading it. I hope I can make you laugh or cry or think about something you’ve never thought of before. But this is basically my online diary. A way to track my thoughts, my experiences.

Also, this is my first blog. So I am learning how to do this. Even if I was to make my posts private, the idea of typing something on the computer rather than writing it and locking it away still makes me feel pretty vulnerable. Figuring out how to be honest open is where I am at right now.

By the way…Happy Memorial Day!

memorial day

Everyone needs to keep in mind what this day is really about. It has nothing to do with barbeques or beer. Although these can be fun ways to celebrate. Remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and the people they left behind. Thank you to all of our service members past, present and future.


One response to “Day 27: My Dearest Readers…

  1. Nice note to the readers :)
    I have fallen behind in keeping pace with the challenge.

    A happy memorial day to you.

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