God Reveals Himself


EXODUS 33:12-34:10

God revealing himself. This can reflect back to a few other devotionals I have done this week. Having a unique encounter with the living God, God revealing himself to us. Sometimes we like to take these things literally.

But you may not look directly at my face, for no one may see me and live. -Exodus 33:20

So maybe I’m not quite ready to see God’s face…


But He can reveal Himself in more important ways! You know what they say, it is what is on the inside that counts. Although it might sound strange, this is true for God as well. Weird. But hear me out. We don’t have to see his face. As long as we believe and seek His way, we will be blessed and have favor in his eyes.

When Moses asked to experience more of God’s comforting presence and see His glory, he was not seeking to glorify himself. A clear vision of God is important for all of us to have. As we see him more clearly, we are better able to understand our own strengths and limitations.


If God was sitting next to your right now, what would He look like? Would He be standing or sitting? What would the expression on His face be? What would he say to you? I think I imagine God as a close friend. He would be sitting next to me, learning toward me and telling me that He loves me and He is here for me. I have a difficult time viewing a vengeful God or an angry God. I think being in awe of Him is more important than being afraid. Being in awe acknowledges fear and respect.

TODAY I will visualize God with me in everything I do.

The Message//Remix: Solo by Eugene H. Peterson

The Message//Remix: Solo by Eugene H. Peterson




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