The Bread God Has Given


EXODUS 16:9-16

You see, what had happened was, Aaron and Moses were leading the Israelites out of Egypt, and everyone was moaning and groaning because they were going to starve and die.


Instead of looking to God and trusting that He would provide, they were too busy griping about how Moses and Aaron had led them out of Egypt where there had been plenty of food and water, and now they were going to die. But God appeared in a cloud and told them that they would feast on meat that night and bread in the morning. The next morning flakey stuff fell from the sky and coated the ground.

what is that

It was bread! There was enough for 2 quarts per person. (weird way to measure bread…) God provided even though they did not believe.

Today will complete day 7 of “I quit smoking attempt #?”, and God has definitely gotten me through it. I doubt my will power and determination sometimes. I honestly enjoy having a crutch. It allows me to make excuses for myself. And now I don’t have any! The first two days were really tough. But I planned it properly so my husband would be home, I wouldn’t have to drive that way I could get through the withdrawal part and then begin to develop new habits. And even though I doubted my abilities, God got me through. He provided for me when I thought I wouldn’t make it.

nom nom

nom nom

Let’s talk about complaining for a minute. Who doesn’t complain? There are some who complain more than others, but society as a whole (in America) we are spoiled little brats. Seriously. Think about all of the things we have that the people before us didn’t have. Electricity. Television and other forms of entertainment. Cars. Refrigerators. Grocery stores packed with delicious (and unfortunately usually unhealthy) foods. We will not go hungry. We will not freeze to death. What do we honestly have to complain about? “Oh no, my DVR is full?”

Of course, there will be hard times. But complaining is not the way to deal with it. The Israelites complained about Aaron and Moses when they should have been seeking God and trusting Him to provide. That’s what we need to do! When my husband goes on deployment, yes I will most likely complain. But what I need to be doing instead is asking God for the sense to remain faithful to him, the strength and courage to continue living without him and the necessary tools to encourage him as much as I can. Complaining won’t do any good except drag me (and those that are having to listen to me) down.

TODAY I will avoid complaints and seek God for guidance and strength.

The Message//Remix: Solo by Eugene H. Peterson

The Message//Remix: Solo by Eugene H. Peterson


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