Learning to Pay Attention


EXODUS 3:1-6

The living God. What does that mean? My husband is living. My coffee table is not. So how can I interact with the living God.


Moses had it pretty easy. I mean, God straight up lit a bush on fire and spoke to him. It doesn’t get much more obvious than that. But in our world today, God doesn’t do that. Or does he? As strange as it may seem, maybe He has made His presence known in our lives, but we just weren’t paying attention. Oblivious. After all, think about how many distractions there are in this world today.


Looking around my living room, there are distractions everywhere. My dogs, the television, my phone, the dishwasher running in the background. Heck, even the laptop I am typing on! There are mental stimuli everywhere around us. No wonder so many kids have “ADHD” these days. Although some of them have made our lives much easier, at the same time they have always taken us further and further away from God. It is important to remember that “easier” is not always simpler. And simplicity, in my opinion, is one of the keys to happiness.

So the question is, have you ever had a unique encounter with the living God?


I can definitely remember times in my life when I know that God has had His hand on me and was watching, protecting and guiding me. But have I ever felt that I had an actual encounter with Him? Not like face to face, but a spiritual awakening almost where I knew he was there with me? Not that I can remember. I guess I need to start paying better attention.

TODAY I will limit the distractions in my life and look for God.

The Message//Remix: Solo by Eugene H. Peterson

The Message//Remix: Solo by Eugene H. Peterson



One response to “Learning to Pay Attention

  1. I love this. I think that the world is so rush rush right now that we can’t see the good things around us, like God talking to us. We are in such a hurry that we miss it. If we could just slow down, live simple, and keep on the alert and listen for God..I think we might find we might encounter Him more because He is ALWAYS there trying to talk to us, trying to get us to turn to Him and see Him. Beautiful blog! I love it! I’m gonna share! ;)

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