Day 24: 3 Worst Traits

What are my three worst traits? Well this should be fun…

1) I am too emotional.


Yes ^^ Just like that.

But seriously, my emotions get the better of me on a regular basis. Everything must be an extreme. Either I’m at the tippy top or at rock bottom. It is quite exhausting. And, though this is hard for me to admit, it makes me a little irrational sometimes.

Because of this fact, it is kind of difficult to be me. Exhausting. However, it isn’t always a bad thing because I know I am a fun person to be around (as long as I’m not at rock bottom). Even then, my desire to please other people usually overcomes.

Speaking of…

2) I’m a people pleaser.


I have also been guilty of this to the extremes. Doing outrageous things for other people that real friends would not ask me to do. Changing who I am for people around me. With each relationship I was in, I became a different person.

I have begun to set boundaries for myself and for other people. More importantly, I am beginning to identify who I really am which makes me want to please others less and less. Not that I don’t care about other people, because I definitely do. But not to the point where I can let my authentic sense of self slip way to make someone else happy.

3) I’m always planning.


It gets to the point where I have a difficult time even living in the present. I’m always looking to the future, not realizing all that is going on around me.

Seriously, as I type this blog, I am thinking about all of the things I have to do later today, this week, this month, this year, this decade…it goes on. I have plans for over a year from now! Not like vague plans, but specific plans for what I want to happen. And it bothers me when they aren’t set in stone. And it straight up kills me when they change.

It’s almost as if I have to know what is going to happen…which I’m sure makes God laugh on a regular basis. (at least I can be of some form of entertainment for Him)

Do I really want to change any of these things? I don’t know. I can’t imagine what I would be like if I were any different. I’ll always strive to improve myself though. I guess that counts for something.


3 responses to “Day 24: 3 Worst Traits

  1. I am the first two as well. I was a very emotional person and still am. I had to try to learn how to tone it down a bit because with whatever I am feeling, it would always be intense! I’ve got a better handle on it now but it still messes with me sometimes! And I used to be a people pleaser way back when! It was SO bad. Like you said, I changed for people and ended up being used. It ended up later making me push myself away from people and harbor a lot of bitterness!

  2. hmm.
    after all, it doesn’t look so different.
    These look familiar. Though not on my top 3 worst – people pleaser and the planner falls on my list within the top 6 or 7 at the least.
    I guess the first on your list must be very difficult on you as well as people around you :D

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