Day 22: Rant and Rave

Ok so at this moment I am just really pissed off that I deleted all of my photos on here NOT KNOWING that it would screw up my entire page. Let me go to my “zen place”. Give me about 5 minutes…and I’ll get over it…


ok. i’m good now.

speaking of meditating, I did yoga yesterday and that stuff is hard, y’all! I was lightheaded the rest of the day. not for me. i’m going to try pilates instead.

The only thing that is bugging me right now is that I am awake. It is 5:09 am on a Wednesday morning when I have nothing to do and I cannot go back to sleep. TYLER, I BLAME YOU! Nah, not really. I mean, you DID kinda wake me up…but I normally can fall back asleep. I guess I shouldn’t really complain at all cause now I am going to the GYM! This means that I can probably go twice today :) I’m hovering right above 150 and my goal is 140. Which is ok, because I started out the year at 175. So, I’m pleased with my progress so far. :)


The only other thing that is really eating at me right now is how dang expensive it is to travel. My brother is getting married next month, so Tyler is taking his pre deployment leave so we can go to the wedding, then go spend time with his family afterwards. We bought our plane tickets last night (since we can’t get enough time off to drive) and my dear Lord…It is absolutely ridiculous how expensive it is to fly. I mean, seriously. It almost made me want to call the family and be like “SORRY but we won’t be there…” We make these huge steps in the right direction financially and then this. It’s not even a financial crisis! It’s just trying to get out to San Diego to watch my brother get married and spend time with my husband’s family before he leaves for 7 months! This should be a HAPPY occasion. But it will take us months to recover from the cost of those plane tickets. And that does NOT make me happy.


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