Desire for Reconciliation


GENESIS 3:1-10

While chapters 1 and 2 speak of God’s creation of the earth and everything in it, chapter 3 marks the next phase: rebellion of man. Everything that follows after that is His detailed plan on how to redeem and restore His creation back to the original state.


I am attempting to acknowledge the ways that I have deliberately rebelled against God. Luckily, if I have any questions about it I can go straight to the Bible and find answers. And if those answers are a little too confusing, there are people in my life who might understand better than I what it really means.

It is moments like this when I feel like such a child. I mean, I am a “child of God”, but I mean more in a literal sense. Everyone seems so much like a child. We are constantly disobeying and rebelling against what God really wants us to do.

I think the most common way that I rebel against God is simply by taking credit for things. It seems so simple! Not even the big things, just everyday little things. Like getting from point A to point B safely. I might think I have control over that, but I definitely do not. I can’t control all of the crazy drivers out there (and there are a lot of those here in Virginia…). Sure, I learned to drive, got my license, drive carefully (most of the time) and have something to do with it. But if God didn’t want me to make it, I wouldn’t. Luckily for me, His plan has been to get me through alive so far.


The problem is that our society has made it seem that rebelling against God is “cool”. Look at what is on TV?! Teen Moms?! Really? Let’s idolize our sins a little more, shall we? But our society no longer embraces God, we push Him away. We don’t want him in our lives because then we might really know just how terrible we really are.

After all, Adam and Eve hid when God came looking for them after eating the apple, right? God knew where they were, but he still called out “where are you?” He gave them free will to CHOOSE to eat the apple, to CHOOSE to hide. Then he gave them the opportunity to CHOOSE to come clean and admit what they had done. Did that mean they were not punished? Obviously not. But that was the first step in redemption. The first step in the right direction.


Choices. They make us who we are. When are you tempted to hide? I’m tempted to hide when I am angry. I shut down and don’t seek anyone, God especially.

TODAY I will make a conscious effort to seek God when I am angry and want to hide.


The Message//Remix: Solo by Eugene H. Peterson


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