Day 19: My Favoritist Blogs

Since I am terribly new to the blogging community, this might be extremely boring and brief. I also am not feeling much like writing today. Not quite myself.


1) Eat To Perform (

I enjoy this blog because it is motivational and has lots of good information on health, food and fitness.

2) McCrazy Daily Lesson (

This lady is one of my fellow Navy spouses here in Norfolk and she has a wonderful sense of humor. Everyday stories retold and the lessons learned from them.

3) Wander Out Loud (

With a creative play on words and beautiful pictures, this lady opens my mind to new things.

4) I’m Secretly Batman (

Thought of the Day and movie reviews, this guy blogs about different things than I do, and it is nice to try read something different every once in a while.

5) Simply Stacia (

Like myself, she is doing the Blog Everyday In May challenge and I have learned so much about her! She is very open and honest when she blogs. Very brave woman.


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