Day 18: Childhood Story

I remember going to Colorado to on a skiing trip with my family. It was 1997, which means I was 10 years old. I wearing this:


me and dad

…which meant anyone could see me anywhere on the entire mountain haha! I wasn’t too concerned about that though. I had so much fun! I went down the bunny slopes for the first half day and then my dad thought it would be a good idea to take me up an actual run cause I was doing so well. Unfortunately, the first run he took me down was a black something or other that was WAY beyond my abilities. I made it down (very very slowly) and just kept going over and over again. Being 10, I remember being fearless. I wasn’t afraid to go fast. And I was so excited to be doing that with my whole family.


I remember one of the nights we were there my dad and brother got into a really big fight. So big that my mom, sister and I were in the bedroom with the door shut and my mom had her hands on my ears. I don’t know what it was about. They were screaming at each other so loud. I was really scared. When it ended, I think one of them had left. But the next day we all kind of pretended that nothing had happened.


That was the last time we went skiing as a family. I actually believe that was the last family trip we took. My parents got a divorce a year or two later.


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