Day 17: Favorite Picture of Myself

Favorite picture of myself and why…

Well this is a bit narcissistic…BUT I will appease the blogging muse.

As I was skimming Facebook through all of the pictures I have been tagged in (which are the only ones I would like anyways) I noticed a very disturbing pattern. In order to find a picture that does not bring up negative feelings I have to go WAY back. It really upsets me that I have a difficult time finding pictures that remind me of good times when I was proud of what I was doing. But I did the best I could.



This is my favorite picture of me. Pictures like this, the ones I can’t remember, are the only ones that don’t bring up bad memories. Because I am so pessimistic and refuse to push those thoughts out of my head, it doesn’t matter how happy the picture looks or what the occasion was, it hasn’t been until recently that I am truly proud of what I am and what I do. So I have to go so far back that I had huge (and I mean huge) cheeks and a big ol’ diaper to really like a picture of myself. Because the only thing I was doing at this time was eating, sleeping and playing :) and there ain’t nothing wrong with that.


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