Day 14: 10 things that make me happy

Top 10 things that make me happy :)


10) blogging! I have had a wonderful time writing again, even if its just a little bit and about nothing significant.

9) freshly shaved legs.

8) finishing a paper. not writing the paper. no, that part is hard. but that feeling right after finishing it, reviewing it and being satisfied with what I have been able to create.

7) getting some sun! not too much, but a little rose in my cheeks is good :)

6) reading. I like to escape from life every once in a while.


5) waking up without an alarm clock.

4) working out.

Women Doing Push-Ups

3) going to the dog park with Chewie and Leia! seeing them play with each other, other dogs and just act like the wild beasts they are makes me smile :-D


2) talking on the phone with my family. although I am far away from my Texas roots, that accent comes roarin’ back when I get to talkin’ with muh momma!

1) my husband! although there are times when I might not like him, he makes me the happiest :)


Just look at that face!! :) my man <3


One response to “Day 14: 10 things that make me happy

  1. I quite liked number 8.
    I guess it’s the same with so many of us.
    The feeling of euphoria when a paper is finished is totally unmatched.
    If we can keep that in mind all the time, we will be writing so many more papers :)

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