Day 10: Most Embarssing Moment

I could tell you something that is kid of embarrassing. Or I could tell you my for real most embarrassing moment every. I’m going to be brave and go with the latter. (if any of my Dallas friends read this, i’m sure you’ll remember…)


I was in the 7th grade, Mrs. O’Neil’s pre algebra class. She was super pregnant, and therefore super mean and grumpy. We had a fairly strict “no leaving the class for any reason” policy, but I really had to go. So I raised my hand, she asked what I needed and I told her. She just said no and kept on teaching. So I was like, ok no big deal, I’ll wait it out and soon class will be over. Shortly after, I asked again. I was practically dancing in my seat! She still said no. Being the obedient child I was, I sat put. Finally, I thought third times a charm. SO I raise my hand, already halfway out of my seat. Before she even calls my name, its too late. YES, FOLKS. I PEED MY PANTS IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS IN THE 7TH GRADE. Without even asking, this girl named Stephanie gave me her sweatshirt to tie around my waste so I could leave the classroom. She was kind of an outsider, and I never really appreciated what she did for me until years later.


So there is a moral to this story. First, never underestimate the quiet girl in the back of class. AND…when you have to go, just get up and go! As a future teacher, I am appalled. It was obvious that I wasn’t saying that just to get out of class. And I was never one of those that said I needed to go just to get out of class.

There ya go. The most embarrassing moment of my life. Of course the whole school found out within…30 seconds. Luckily this was before social media was really huge, so it didn’t go viral or anything. Whew. Feels good to have it off my chest :)

4 responses to “Day 10: Most Embarssing Moment

  1. Ooooh. That one hurt. It reminded me of one more of my own from seventh grade. What was seventh grade so hard? And I love the little embarrassed kitty. I pulled that one up, too, but didn’t use it.

    • Haha yes! Gotta love google :) That’s how I find all of my pictures for my blogs. And yes…the 7th grade was one of the hardest grades for me.

  2. Ok so this happened to me too! Except I was younger.. like kindergarten but I was shy too! And I had to go really bad.. and I get called up to the board and it all just came out! SMH! lol

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