Day 6: What I Do

“What do you do?” This is one of the obligatory questions asked during the small talk that ensues shortly after meeting someone for the first time. If you were unable to answer with your job (or don’t have a job), how would you answer? It’s interesting to think about what you choose to identify yourself by and what that says about you.

“I’m a student.” This is what I say when people ask me what I do. I think this means that I’m preparing for my future, putting in the effort now so that I can succeed later. It also means that I’m trying to better myself.


“I’m a housewife.” Contrary to popular belief, this is a hard job to do. From the outside world, you might not realize how much goes into make a house run smoothly. And isn’t it nice to come home to a delicious meal and clean home? “I love being able to be there for my husband and my family 100%.” (Brittany D., Navy housewife)


“I’m a mother.” Talk about sacrifice. Your life is no longer your own. But the rewards are worth it. “Being a mom means that I have to be selfless. I give all of my time and devotion to my two kids. It means being a hero in my kids’ eyes and having no fear. I’m important because I am depended on. I can’t wake up and not be a mom because I’m sick or tired. I woke up each morning devoted to teaching so they learn, loving so they’re happy.” (Jessica H. Navy wife and mother of 2) “Being a mom says I am someone’s world. Completely and entirely. It is the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced!” (Lacey J., Navy wife and mother of 2).

Obviously there are more things people identify with: athlete, artist, animal lover…and those are just the A’s! It could be anything from something you physically do on a daily basis, something you believe in (like your religion) or something you aspire to do in the future. What you choose reflects your priorities in life and what you consider to be most important. That doesn’t mean that just because I choose to say “I’m a student” and not “I’m a wife” that being a wife is any less important to me. But you can look at my left hand and see that I’m married. However, I don’t always put off the ‘studious’ vibe. ;)


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