Day 5: Professing my love…

SO, today’s blogging assignment is to publically profess my love and devotion to one of my blogging friends. And since I’m new to the blogging world and really only know one other blogger…


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Ms. Brittany is a fellow Navy wife that I met just one short month ago. Our husbands are serving on the same ship, and since they are gearing up for deployment, the wives have begun banding together.

What makes Brittany great?

Brittany is someone who can always cheer you up. She is always checking on her friends through text messages and Facebook, asking how we are and letting us know that she is thinking about us!

Why do I love Brittany?

I love Brittany because of the kind of person she is and for what we are about to go through together. Deployments are extremely stressful on couples, but the friendships formed while separated can last a lifetime. I have seen several ladies who have endured deployments together before and their connections are visible. I love Brittany because of what I know we will do for each other while our husbands are away.


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