To eat, or not to eat? I don’t understand the question…

Studying for finals? Better order a pizza. Broke up with your boyfriend? Girl, let’s go buy some ice cream! Got a promotion? Let’s go out for food and drinks! Food is our celebration. It is our comfort. Unfortunately, food can become our idol. It can take priority over our household duties and time with family members. Why not, right? It’s much easier to grab a snack than start that research paper, or be too “busy” to have that uncomfortable conversation with your spouse or child. Besides, why do the dishes when you can just order take out? All of the choices we make in regard to food say a lot about us. So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. – 1 Corinthians 10:31 I honestly didn’t know the Bible talked about food. So when we read this verse, it’s easy to understand that God would want us to eat healthily, drink responsibly and be sure our actions glorify Him. Sometimes, you have to make small sacrifices in order to get where you want to go. This might mean going without that extra cheesy, extra large pizza. This might mean replacing ice cream with frozen fruit. This might mean giving up on Guinness and spring for Bud Light (or no beer at all).

You cannot argue that you feel better when you put the right things in your body. It’s science!

1) If you are not eating nutrient-rich foods most of the time, your brain cannot  produce substances required to maintain a healthy mood.

2. Feelings of hostility and irritability may be triggered by smoking tobacco,  consuming alcohol, being overweight, a lack of physical activity and other  factors.

III. Diet deficient in vital nutrients — nutrients that regulate critical areas of  the brain that involve emotion — may impair your mood and increase anxiety.

Read more:

Most people decide to eat healthy because of the physical benefits.

1) Meeting your daily requirements for protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and  minerals with the low-fat foods in a good diet keeps your colon from having to  work too hard.

2. A good diet that limits fat, cholesterol and sodium will prevent fatty deposits  from collecting in your blood vessels and the development of high blood  pressure. III. Limiting the calories in a good diet keeps your weight down and further slims  your chances of getting many chronic diseases, including diabetes. Read more:

So here is where it gets personal…

When I am emotional, I eat. That’s just what I do! I have always had something that I can turn to. Something I consume. For a long time it was alcohol. Then it was cigarettes. Lately it has become food. My husband asks why I put these terrible things in my body. Especially because I KNOW THEY ARE TERRIBLE FOR ME! That’s the main issue. I can’t claim ignorance. I have read the articles above. I took health class, read nutrition labels…I know what I need to do. The problem lies within my discipline and self control. And on how much I believe that I can actually do it. (By it, I mean live healthy, get in shape and treat my body right).

So somehow I have to work around my self image and this idea that my body does not deserve to be treated properly. I have to stop making excuses for myself like “oh, it’s finals week, so I’ll eat what I want now and worry about it next week when I don’t have anything to do.”

I think my generation has a huge issue with self-esteem. No, I don’t mean that we need more of it. As humans, we are born literally thinking of nothing but ourselves. We have to be taught how to NOT be selfish. So self-esteem is not the issue. The issue seems to be that we are making excuses for ourselves. “Oh, it’s ok that you got fired. As long as you feel good about yourself. You should find something that you WANT to do, not something you HAVE to do.”

“Don’t worry about failing that class. As long as you feel good about yourself…”

“…as long as you feel good about yourself…”

“…feel good about yourself…”

You know what makes me feel good about myself? Doing the right thing. Taking care of my self. Taking care of my husband and my house. Taking care of my school work. TAKING CARE OF MY RESPONSIBILITIES! It has nothing to do with nurturing my insecurities and making excuses for my failures. People fail. That’s part of life. But it doesn’t matter how many times we fail. It matters what we decide to do with that failure. Make excuses for it, blow it off, or brush yourself off and start over again.

In a perfect world we wouldn’t fail.

In a semi-perfect world, when we failed we wouldn’t let it get us down.

But this is the real world. We fail and it has the potential to make us miserable. Let the old things go and pick yourself up by your bootstraps. Begin again.


4 responses to “To eat, or not to eat? I don’t understand the question…

  1. Hmm it seems like your site ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.
    I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any tips and hints for novice blog writers? I’d
    really appreciate it.

    • My biggest tip would be to find a challenge like the May challenge I started today. It tells you what to write, gives you the inspiration and helps you get used to blogging once a day. It also takes the pressure off of making sure every blog is perfect because you’re putting out so many :) I hope that helps! look forward to reading what you put out!

  2. …..and number D……antioxidant rich dark chocolate is the good for you secret! :)

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